I want to help

How can I help?

Right now i'm looking for people to help me translate the website in as many languages as possible.

So right now if you know one of the following languages and you have some spear time, you can contact me and let me know that you are willing to translate some small number of words.

Right now the total number of words and very small fazes is about 80.

Why is this page only in english?

Because the starting point language is english. Also for many people english might be a second language.

Is there any other way to help?

Yes, spread the word about the website so we can help as many people as possible, learn about space. If you have any other idea let me know.

What do I get for helping you?

Right now my thanks :), your name and a link in the footer on the website.

I just want to say Hi!

I'm happy to hear from you, any feedback is very welcomed. I have so many ideas to add to the site, feedback is a good way to not work overtime on something that you think that is not useful.

I want to help