What I store?

Here is a list of what i store:

Contact forms

  • Name

    Because i want to know how to call you when i respond to your contact

  • Email

    Because i need the email where to respond to

  • Subject

    Because i need to know what it the message about

  • Message

    Because i need to know what you want to say

User Account

  • First Name

    Because i wanted to personalize your experience

  • Last Name

    Because i wanted to personalize your experience

  • Email

    Because i need a way to have something unique so i can log you in

  • Password

    Because your account is only for you. The password is stored in a hashed format, and the hash is only one way, so no one can find your password

  • Account Created

    Because I was planing to do something cool for milestones

  • Account Updated

    Same thing as the Account Created

  • Interface Locale

    Because i want to display the interface in your language

  • Timezone

    Because i want to display the correct time at which the launch will happen your time

  • Subscribed

    Because i want to send news about the website. As of this moment 25.05.2018 i have not set one email to anybody :P

Interests list

This is tied to the account id and stores the information about the launch that you are interested in.

Google Analytics

This is not saved by me, i have a tracking code on my website from Google in order to see how many users use my site, where are they from, what language do they use, how did the users heard of me.

If there are enough users that want this to disappear I thing I can manage without, it only needs more work from me and more feedback from the users.

What can you do?

Because I care about your privacy I had from the beginning offered the ability for anyone who has an account to delete the account at any time. All the info is deleted.

How is it secured?

I have a really big passwords for everything related to the production env.

The connection to the AWS server that i use is based on private key and restricted to only my ip.

Database backups are stored only on production evn under a secured location, i don't have for development purpose and of your info on my development machine